Paris is known for its romance and beautiful architecture, and I can say I’m no lesser a fan. My first few days welcoming in the new year was spent wandering around the bustling city, among some of the most famous attractions. 

The Eiffel Tower. 02/01/18

Arriving in Paris on the 2nd of January, my three close friends and I, with little to no sleep (I mean literally about 50 minutes of sleep on the Eurostar) we were filled with excitement and anticipation. I was the tour guide on this trip as it was my friends’ first time travelling to France.

The main reason for our trip was of course Disneyland (would it BE anything else?!) Dubbed the happiest place on Earth, we most definitely had to experience it. Disneyland for me is a place like no other, it is an atmosphere I think every fan should indulge in. The air is filled with dreams and happiness… No, seriously! The highlight of Disneyland for me had to be just walking around and reminiscing our childhood memories, singing along to the soundtracks and getting a wave from the characters in the parade! It really is a truly magical place. I hope to visit ALL the Disney theme parks across the globe one day (it’s on the bucket list for sure!)  

The Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Paris. 03/01/18

Aside from ogling at Disneyland-amazingness, we made our way through the most touristy, most cliché places to visit while in Paris. With the likes of Notre Dame, The Louvre, Arc De Triomphe and Champs Elysees to name a few. Every time I’ve been to Paris, I’ve always gone up the Eiffel Tower, it’s a must for me, the view is simply breathtaking and just never gets old. I could spend hours up there just admiring each corner of the romantic city. However, this trip I actually went right up to the third floor, which I must admit was a little daunting for me. I didn’t even want to take my phone out to take any pictures while on the outside terrace as I was too afraid I’d drop it off the tower! Major over-dramaticness on my part but I stuck to the window and sheltered section of the third floor to admire the views!

Third Floor View, The Eiffel Tower. 04/01/18

My third time in Paris was a charm, I can’t say if I’ll be visiting in the nearest of futures due to my wanderlust attracting me elsewhere but I will for sure come again one day. Thank you for always being so welcoming, photogenic and having some of the greatest sunsets.

Arc De Triomphe. 04/01/18

Until my next moments, Au Revoir! 

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  1. Wow! This is great!! I can totally imagine the guts to take out the phone to click when it’s tough to handle oneself!! Thanks for the pic and lovely gripping article. I was lured to your website from your insta profile.

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