Ah where to begin with this one… Angels On Bare Skin. This product is my all time favourite Lush product, and that is a HUGE statement in itself. I’m partial to a bath bomb or two but this fresh face and body cleanser is a must have.

Angels On Bare Skin, LUSH Cosmetics. £7.50 per 100g.
 The description of the cleanser states this stuff is what ‘heavenly skin’ is made of. With ground almonds gently exfoliating the skin and lavender, rose and chamomile calming and soothing the skin, this fresh cleanser could not be more perfect.

For years, this cleanser has had amazing reviews on reviews on reviews, but the strong lavender scent had always put me off. I found however, once I started to use this product, I didn’t give the smell even an ounce of thought. Other customers have found the use of this on acne prone skin really beneficial, although I (very thankfully) don’t suffer from acne so I can’t comment on this.

 For me, I’m prone to the usual breakout here and there and this cleanser just keeps those pesky spots at bay, any existing ones it reduces the redness and appearance. I usually find exfoliants too harsh on my sensitive skin to be used everyday, but when mixed with water the ground almonds form a milk like paste and the exfoliation is ever so gentle so it really is perfect for everyday use (even still I do alternate when I want a heavier exfoliation during the week).

As mentioned, Lush recommend you use a small amount and mix with water to create a paste and gently start to rub this into your skin then wash away with water. Not only does this help spots and redness, I feel this product leaves me with the smoothest and naturally glowing skin, I never knew my bare face could look this good! (However, still not confident enough to post my naked face on the internet, so sorry!) You will just have to trust me on this. Something I’ve found with this product though, you may not notice any changes overnight but for fair testing give it a good few weeks before you make your mind up (unless you have instant bad reactions then of course stop using immediately). For me, when I don’t use this cleanser for a few days my skin starts to get dry and looks ever so dull and I’m prone to very oily skin!

 If you’re still unsure of this product like I was, go into your local Lush and ask for a sample, or even ask an expert to try it out on your arm in store, there’s no harm and I for sure know you will not regret it! Also be sure to test a small area first as you may be allergic to any ingredients as with any new product you are trying out. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little review and I also do hope this product becomes one of your holy grail items too! See you with my next few moments…
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