How fitting is it that the first instalment of the London Series is about a festival dedicated to Tea! Partial to the stereotype that is globally known, us Brits love tea and we believe there is nothing a good cuppa can’t fix. So, rightfully, in aid of this infatuation, at the end of April the nation celebrates National Tea Day!

IMG_4286National Tea Day was created to celebrate the adoration of brewed leaves and all things associated with it, whether it be accompaniments of cakes and biscuits, fruity more exotic tasting brews or even fitness related teas.

The main event celebrated in London is the Fes-Tea-Val held at Chiswick House & Gardens. A wonderful day out filled with all the tea samples you can imagine, tea blending lessons, entertainment, great tasting food and desserts, an afternoon tea bus and even yoga classes to go alongside those fitness brews! What’s not to love!? And all for a tenner!

The beautiful Afternoon Tea Bus from B Bakery, check them out here!

The event was split into different ‘zones’ with themed activities, delicious food, drink and lifestyle bits and of course enough tea to last you a lifetime. The zones included: The Bou-Tea-que, Tea ‘n’ Tipple Boulevard, The Tea Bazaars, Tea ‘n’ Treat Village, The Vitali-Tea Garden and the picnic park! (Honestly, I’m living for those creative puns!)IMG_4283Thankfully, the day we visited the sun was shining and the atmosphere was a pleasure to be surrounded by. My highlight of the entire thing was, surprisingly not tea, but getting this beauty of a cake for just £5! A single slice was being sold for £1 but the entire thing for a fiver!? Oh go on then… I couldn’t say no and it was evident as we left with two whole cakes, I for sure wanted to buy every single flavour but unfortunately carrying any more on the tube back home would’ve ended in a huge cakey disaster. Check out Ann’s Designer Cakes here, the cakes are divine and I seriously could not stop eating all the samples! And I’d just like to mention how lovely Ann and her team were, a super jolly bunch. Luckily though, my fitness journey started the day AFTER the fes-tea-val because the amount of sweet treats on display, I gained about 10kgs just looking at them.

Ann’s Designer Cakes, White Chocolate and Raspberry sponge!
Sweet Treats to Accompany Tea!

All in all, it was a great day out and the weather was absolutely stunning too. I will definitely be attending the event next year. I hope you’ve enjoyed my short recount of how I spent National Tea Day here in London and I look forward to you stopping by in the next instalment of the London series… 

P.S What’s your favourite type of tea? I’m more of a green, lemon and honey, fruity-type of tea girl myself.

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  1. I love peppermint tea 😊 I love that there is a festival dedicated to tea, that’s wonderful. I know my mom would love that lol. And all of the puns!!!

    1. Wow, I’ve actually never tried peppermint tea, I’ll have to give that a try! And yes the puns just kept getting better tbh, thank you for stopping by! 🙂

    1. Awww, I hope you get to come back soon! I’ll be sure to post more soon so you can get more ideas of what to do on your next visit! 😉

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