Travelling and going on holiday is an exciting experience for everyone but with every high there is a low, and the downside, for me, is PACKING. It’s just a big ball of stress which I really can’t be bothered to deal with before jetting off somewhere.

When I was younger, I was the pack-two-weeks-before kind of girl, I’d be so organised and have everything ready super early which got me so pumped for my trip but now? I’m a last-minute-literally-hours-before-my-flight packer. And I’m proud to say, I’m somewhat still very organised with my stuff!

Luckily for you reading this, thanks to my many trips round the globe, I’ve got a few tips and tricks to relieve you of ‘some’ of the stress of packing. I hope even just one of these tips helps you out, I’d feel SO proud.

1) Plan Ahead.

You’re probably thinking, wow, great advice there I mean why didn’t I think of that, right? Well, hear me out. When I say plan ahead, I literally mean sit and go through each day you will be away for and plan the outfits right down to the socks you’ll be wearing that day. By doing this, you’ll know exactly what to pack and will be less likely to leave something behind. I mean, say you wanted to wear a strapless dress but when you actually go to wear it on holiday you have no suitable bra!? Oh the horror. Plan ahead!

2) Step-By-Step Routine.

Similar to the above, I like to go through a step by step routine of my daily skin and makeup regime. Starting from the moment I wake up to the second I go to bed, I write down every product (and tool if needed) I use daily. This way, I never forget something without the other. Imagine taking your most beautiful palette but forget to take the perfect blending brush? Write it down!

Notebooks from Coconut Lane (Use my discount code ‘SHARMIN20’ for 20% off!)

3) Emergency.

No matter how organised you are, or how many lists you make, you never really know what’s going to happen. Which is why, when I’m travelling somewhere, I like to think of emergency situations. You may think that’s excessive but I tell you one day it will be necessary. I always take extra underwear and at least ONE extra outfit (not too many, luggage weight limits exist). Something that comes with me for sure though, is medicine. Mainly pain killers, vitamins and diarrhoea relief stuff because sometimes eating abroad doesn’t always agree with the best of us.

4) Roll not Fold!

We’re all so used to chucking everything into our suitcases and sitting on top of it praying for it to zip shut. However, systematically rolling your clothes tightly gives you more space to squeeze stuff in. By rolling the clothes instead of horribly folding them it’s easier to pack and prevents the clothes from creasing.


5) Alternatives.

Have you ever bought a cheap flight ticket for a weekend away and thought it’s the best decision ever until you get to the airport and realise your 52-step skin and makeup routine won’t fit into ONE of those pesky clear plastic bags. I feel you. That one small ziplock bag does not and will not EVER fit all my products in and I remember having to throw- yes in the bin and never see them again- a bag of my products away. Since then, I’ve found alternative ways of taking products without having to fork out a huge sum of money for a check-in bag. Instead of taking a liquid product I opt for solids like the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser (my ultimate fave Lush product, read about it here). Speaking of Lush, it’s a great place to find alternative products that aren’t in liquid form, like soap bars or scrubs for body wash. Other companies also do cleansers and even shampoos, in powder form which when mixed with water foam up to create the liquid! How clever. Doing a little research could help you save so much hassle at the airport and from throwing your products away!

6) Pair up.

Travelling with company is always the best, and it’s even better when you can pair up your liquids and save yourself space! If you’re going away with someone else and will end up sharing bathrooms with them, there is no need to take the same thing twice. Imagine if there’s 5 of you travelling there is no need for each of you to bring a tube of toothpaste along. Be smart and pair up your products!

7) DIY.

My final tip for you is find some DIY’s to save space. My two favourites are:

-Roll your socks and shove them inside your shoes, the bigger your feet the more you can fit inside them, maybe even your underwear!

-Instead of taking huge bottles of everything, I buy travel size versions. However, foundation bottles are below 100ml anyway so what I like to do, is get a spare contacts case (the flat ones) and in one side I pump my foundation (for me, one pump per day) and on the other side I squeeze either my primer or moisturiser. This saves me SO much space as I don’t use much of each anyway so taking the entire bottle is unnecessary.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my tips and tricks for packing and found some of them useful! If any of you have upcoming holidays, I wish you the best of times!

P.S Sorry for the lack of visuals, I felt weird adding random pictures into this post and also didn’t know what pictures to add! 

Until next time…

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